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5 littlerat

Have worked with Ashley very closely and feel she is a real go getter and looks out for her clients best interest at all times. She is very people friendly and always goes out of her way to help her clients. I would recommend her to anyone that is looking for a property to buy without hesitation.

5 crazycowgirl8788

I really appreciate everything Ashley has done for me in my search for an apartment! I’d tell her a location I was looking at and within a hour or two she had created a huge list of places for me to choose to look at. Then she would honestly tell me which location would be best for what I was particularly looking for. She was amazing at getting me keys to see a house within a day, if not that same day I had asked to see it! . I’m a night owl, so even randomly texting her late at night was no inconvenience for her. I can wait to use her services for when my family is ready to buy a house!

5 EnjoyLifeNow

I live in Alaska and had been searching for my forever home in Pennsylvania for over 8 months. I was disillusioned by many of the realtors I sent emails to when i found a home on zillow; either they failed to get back to me (as in ignoring me), or contacted me with an attitude. I actually requested info in email due to the 4 hour time difference, and instead received two phone calls at 6 AM! Through zillow I found Ashley; she emailed me, and eventually we communicated by telephone. She was proactive; she knew the areas I was looking into. She went to two homes I found (about 2 hour drive from her), and took videos and photos and sent them my way. Eventually, we found the perfect forever home; she listened to my wants, negotiated an excellent deal, allowing the current owner to occupy the home until I arrive in the summer. On day of settlement, she represented me (as I am still in Alaska) and sent additional photos of the outside so i could work on fencing ideas.

Ashley and I clicked immediately; her veteran status gave her notches on my score card, and her pleasant attitude and ‘can do’ spirit were exactly what i was looking for.

5 user0573240

Ashley is a wonderful realtor !!!! She really focuses on your needs and wants. Not only is Ashley a great realtor but she is very professional. Once she’s your realtor she will also be a life long friend . I highly recommend Ashley for a realtor.

5 adecker2007

We went in on a foreclosure property and as many of you know when you go in on one of those you must move fairly quickly. Ashley was amazing….she did her best to answer all of our questions and if she wasn’t sure…she found out! She was truly a blessing to work with and her up beat attitude is amazing! I will definitely do business with her in the future!! 🙂

5 user1043544

Ashley was absolutely a blessing. We started looking for a home over a year ago and met with nothing but rude and inconsiderate realtors. They wouldn’t respond or didn’t have the time to show us lower priced homes. I requested info on a house on zillow from ashley and her response was immediate. She was so helpful and never made us feel like we weren’t worth it. She is absolutely the best realtor i have ever met. She responded quickly everytime. We saw a good bit of homes until we finally got the perfect one. She never hesitated to help. Ashley listened to what we wanted and stayed within our approval amount. She is definately the realtor you want if you would like to enjoy your home buying or selling experience.

5 vmunsondvm

I loved working with Ashley to find the right place to live (renting). Unfortunately, there were some problems on the end of the renter’s agent (NOT Ashley) but she was truly wonderful in helping us get them straightened out. If I had a problem or question Ashley was immediately available to help it get straightened out. I consider her to be a friend as well as my agent. I will be sure to ask Ashley to help me in the future to find our “forever home.”

5 brtnsupermommy2

We were transfered with the military 18 hrs away from our house that is listed with Ashley. That being said, we could not get down there to get the house market ready. Ashley took initiative & knocked it out of the park with her own time & money, painting, cleaning, & repairing some odds & ends that needed attention from the house aging. She made our house look new like when we bought it in 2005. I will never forget Ashley. She is a realtor that not only does her job well, she reaches the heart of the matter & loves you like family.

5 francois guetat

Ashley did a great job with us, we set our requirements by phone, couple of days after we have our visit planned and it was the dream home, now it’s our home! Thanks Ahsley, she makes our dream come true and have been great advisor and support along all the process, which was at the beginning a beat scary for us as we just moved to State from Europe!

5 anna guetat

Ashley is knowledgeable and very helpful, she was there for us all the time, answering to any request within 5 minutes. Acting always in the best of our interested, conducting process very profesionally. I will definitely contact her in the future!

5 emarshall7

Ashley was incredibly responsive, helpful and knowledgeable about the local market. She was available at all hours and really seemed to understand our goals, which were not always easy for us to articulate. Her attitude was unfailingly optimistic and steady, even with a few obstacles to overcome in our purchase. I was impressed with her professionalism, but also her friendliness and obvious desire to help us achieve our goals.

5 hnewman18

I first met Ashley when I was asking to view a home. She immediately called me the same day which was even on a Saturday and had me scheduled first thing Monday. We are still searching for a home, but Ashley has been great. She’s doing everything she can to help me it!

5 coachleonard17

I was having trouble selling my house. My old agent did not see it as a high priority to market my house. I enlisted the help of Ashley and she took over from there. She marketed my house better then anyone could. She was able to see the value in the house that the other agent could not. After a short period of time, Ashley had a contract on the house. I know if it were not for her, I would still be paying on two houses. She will work hard for you and will make you feel like you are her only client and number 1 priority.

5 user7535945

Ashley does a great job. She got back to me within a moment of me requesting more information on my home. The process was so much faster and hassle free then most people tell me. I have heard of horror stories of first home buyers and my case (due to Ashley’s expertise) was a dream come true! I now have my first home and I just love it. Thank you Ashley! Please trust what she has to say and choose this woman for all home buying opportunities you have!

5 ltyutzy

I don’t think I can say enough good things about Ashley. My husband, son, and myself were living in CT when my husband got a job offer in Hagerstown. We didn’t have a lot of time to make a decision about housing so we decided to rent for a year so we could figure out the surrounding areas and where we’d most like to live. I wasn’t havent much luck with realtors wanting to help us find a rental so I emailed Ashley after reading so many good reviews about her. I think I emailed her at 9pm and by 6:30 the next morning I had the nicest email back from her stating that she had a house in mind that would meet all our criteria. We emailed back and forth that day and she convinced the owners of the house who were trying to sell it, to rent it to us instead. In a matter of two days we went from having nothing to having the perfect home in Greencastle, PA. Ashley kept in constant contact with me throughout the whole process and still to this day answers any questions I have about the area. She was a breath of fresh air during our moving process and made finding the perfect home the least stressful thing of it all. When we do decide to buy a home here, Ashley will definitely be out realtor. I would highly reccomend her to anyone!

5 n3mvl

In searching for a posible rental or property purchase I inquired of her services and arranged a meeting at a property I had an Interest in. After the tour their there came not hard pitch, actually we spent maybe an hour discussing various areas of interest as she gathered details to assist me in the search.this meeting cemented the need for this lady to help me as a single “go to” person, her patience and skill resulted in my finding the ideal home. And only because of her dedication to assuring my needs and wants were addressed in my first home search through any agent. Tops to me and recommended to all friends and strangers alike.

5 zuser20140709061355519

Ashley will go out of her way to service her clients. Her foremost priority is to help her clients find what THEY want, not what an agent might want to push onto a buyer. She sits with her clients and obtains details on what they want in a property and helps her clients find something they can reasonably afford. Ashley also makes sure her clients are offered a number of resources to choose from in order to make their purchase go smoothly…from lenders to settlement companies. Ashley definitely is committed to “making your real estate dream a reality!”

5 cglenn 713

We are so thankful for Ashley’s service to the community. Throughout the process of looking at homes she was informative and always professional. Our home buying situation was somewhat uncommon and she really helped us out from every angle to help us get into our home. Our lives have truly been blessed by her presence in our home buying experience. She is one of the most honorable and trustworthy people I have ever met. We extend our thanks to her for helping us get into our home.

5 cadgeclayton92

As a veteran, it was awesome to work with Ashley. She was always there to answer any and all questions that my wife and I could come up with. She drove around to show us different houses when we asked to see them…hands down an awesome person, i have already given her cards to friends of mine who are looking for a home. Would recommend Ashley to anyone.

5 proformer2004

Ashley was a great person to work with. Every time i had a question she would find the answer for me. She did a wonderful job of finding the style of home i was looking for and in a desirable location that i wanted as well. Working with Ashley was not like working a stranger i felt like it became a more personal and 1 on 1 to the point that i could tell that she cared about me the person not just me the buyer. Where i come from that means a lot and definitely made me feel comfortable with her being my representation.

5 sparetire301

Ashley was very professionaland very knowledgeable of the properties that she showed me. She always took into consideration what I was looking for in a property when showing me listings. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that is looking for a realtor for renting or buying a home.

5 regrimm5503

We loved working with Ashley. A he answers our emails almost immediately and always goes above and beyond to get us the information we need. She is very knowledgeable and has several valuable contacts she connects her clients with. We would highly recommend her.

5 zuser20141218073506434

She responds to my questions about housed very quickly. and if she needed to she would take the time to look up the needed information about the house and property

5 nmalinosky77

Mrs. Teixeira is a Realtor like no other. I have been a bystander for the last year and a few months while she has helped a member of the local community. What she did for this woman was absolutely amazing and I know no other real estate professional would have taken the time to do what she has done…. The lady that she helped had been calling various local offices and nobody would help her due to the fact that her English was not the best, her budget was nonexistent, her credit was low, and she did not have internet or a vehicle/drivers license. Ashley didn’t hold concern to any of that but instead just decided to go out on a limb and try her best to see what she could do. She started the first steps- getting the woman into touch with a lender that could tell them what needed to be done with her credit. Once the credit was pulled there was a situation that arose that Ashley was very upset to find. A local property management company had this woman in collections for things that were completely not her fault..and for a large sum at that! Ashley then took it upon herself to get the woman into contact with a local lawyer that could help her try to battle the collections and they were able to lessen the amount and settle in just a few months- all the while Ashley was the sole contact for all communications and the one that facilitated the transportation back and forth to Frederick for the woman. One by one Ashley called all the collectors on the woman’s credit and was able to settle and clear all of them. Her credit was able to qualify for a mortgage in one years time! It was amazing what Ashley did for this woman. Once the woman was able to obtain a qualification Ashley sat down and skimmed the market for every home that was in her budget and that would fit both the woman and all five children…as tough as it was Ashley found some. Starting with 50+ homes Ashley called every single agent and verified that they would conform to financing in their current condition- most would not….. As the homes started to slim down Ashley was able to find one home that would fit the woman’s needs. She scheduled 5 showings, picked up the woman and drove her to see all of them. The woman fell in love with the large home and they ended up getting it under contract…..

Despite what Ashley had done for woman, the woman ended up backing out of the home. Any other agent would have tried to charge for time spent but Ashley just did what she could to make all parties happy and walked away knowing the best had been done. I am just amazed at the efforts that Ashley put into this family! Many agents would not have spent one minute trying to help and they would have charged a fee up front to assist knowing that they would soon walk away, but not Ashley. I have never seen a Realtor like this and I would recommend her to anyone that needs help with finding the home of their dreams!

5 csburcheri93

Couldnt of asked for a better person to work with. Ashley gets things done the way they should be done. If at any point theres problems she will correct anything in a timely manner, and she also has a positive attitude!

5 djbeard64

There are not enough words for me to describe Ashely! Ashely helped my son buy his first home, and things could have not gone ANY smoother! If we had questions…which were alot!…Ashley ALWAYS had the answer! She would adjust her schedule to meet ours if we needed to meet for anything. Her personality is so much like a breath of fresh air! ALWAYS has a smile on her face! She is truly amazing person!

5 user778559

Ashley took us to many homes and helped us find our dream home. We had many ups and downs (seller issues) along the way and she was right by our side helping us get to settlement. Ashley outshines all other realtors in the area.

5 fsacco9

I would highly recommend Ashley Teixeira if you are looking to rent or buy in the area. She goes way out of her way to make sure that you are in a home or rental that fits you! She is fun, friendly, and really shows a passion for what she does, which is hard to find now a days. If you are looking for a realtor who is organized, efficient, and will take the time to put you in the perfect place for you to live then Ashley is the realtor for you!

5 amber shope

I started looking at rental homes and asked Ashley for help. She was very responsive and right away sent me several listings of available rentals that were within the limits of where I wanted to be. If anything new came up she would send me an email with where they were. If I wanted to take a look at a place, she was very willing to work with my schedule and whatever was convenient for me, she also made work for her. I would recommend Ashley for anyone to work with she is very considerate and easy to work with.

5 B Teehee

If you need a local agent that is professional and approachable, look no further. I approached Ashley with a very demanding list of requirements and a low budget. Over several months we worked together – I forget the total number of houses we looked at – but we were able to narrow down the right home for my family. When it came down to negotiations, I told her my expectations and she fought for us and got us the best deal. My wife and I work split shifts – Ashley watched my kids for me when I had to go through the walk-through and inspection on the home. She did that without me asking her, I was SO grateful for that gesture. She was a go to for advice and reassurance through the entire process and provided answers to my questions at all hours of the day, 24/7 (She even came to my home to pick up or drop of papers on late notice because we had to get them in that day.) If you are a first time home-buyer or if you are an investor – call Ashley! Her connections are invaluable and allow her to make the impossible, possible! If I could give her 20/20 on Zillow I would but 5/5 will have to do. I cannot recommend her services enough – you won’t regret it!

5 user5799674

Ashley was AMAZING! We had a very low budget and she took us to many many houses, spent almost a year with us saying isn’t there anything beautiful in our price point? She found us and took us their on Christmas Eve!! It was the best Christas gift ever. She was the only agent to stick with us. She is always dedicated and goes above and beyond!!

5 RachelGouff

Ashley was very helpful and knowledgable! She was always available for what we needed and to ask questions! I’d recommend her to anyone buying/selling!

5 alecha2113

Ashley is incredibly knowledgable and very honest. She is very family oriented and not just out for a sale. Her response time is great, you will never have to wait! She was able to show us tons of homes before we made our final decision.

5 Blf2222

We loved Ashley! She was extremely flexible with showing times, very knowledgeable, quick to respond to any and all questions or concerns, and very down to earth. We would definitely recommend her to anyone!

5 sc2tc

I highly recommend Ashley Teixeira from my recent experience with her. I was transferred here to Letterkenny Army Depot. I was commuting 3+ hours a day to and from work until we settled on the home. Ashley took the lead and handled everything during the home buying process. She kept me fully informed and let me know what was next, as my free time was limited. As a former military member, I believe Ashley understands how to keep things moving forward and get the deal done, even when faced with challenges. I’m very happy and would recommend Ashley to all.

5 mswindell2012

Ashley has been absolutely wonderful to work with! she has helped us find the perfect house and kept the whole process fun instead of stressful! I highly recommend Ashley when searching for that perfect home. (:

5 donnariley2

We were more than pleased with Ashley professionalism, and what a great personality!! She worked extremely hard for us, and sold our town house in a record time. We had listed with another agent, but with no success, as so as Ashley came to work for us, she was gang busters, lots of advice, and she listened to what we had to say. I would gladly recommend this young lady to any one who is trying to sell their home. SHE DOES NOT GIVE UP!! I cannot say enough about this young lady, and we wish her all the success in the world, and the way she works, she will get it deserving.

5 ewp123

Have bought over a dozen homes and Ashley was THE BEST Realtor we’ve had. Extremely responsive (and congenial) to our changing demands. She kept her smile and positive outlook throughout the process. Cannot say enough about how much she helped us get the home we needed. NOT a single negative.. Thanks Ashley!

5 mcfarland822

Ashley is very enthusiastic and seems to have found the career she was meant to have. She rises to the challenge of finding that perfect house. And that’s not where she stops her involvement, she follows through with her clients, attending inspections, walk-thrus, and settlement. You will never wonder what to expect next as she always keeps you abreast of the entire situation.

5 sadiejr

Ashley is very outgoing, friendly, and personable. This makes it very easy to work with her. She listens to your wants and needs, and goes after them. She responds quickly, and sets up every house you would like to see. She has a lot of intellect about the housing market, loan officers, and settlement process.

5 katranft

My house buying experience could have been a nightmare and fallen through several times with out the knowledge, experience and commitment of Ashley. She was hired as our buyer agent. She ended up doing the listing agent and financial agents duties due to the their incompetence. She remain dedicated to us and unwavering in motivation. Her sheer determination is what made this sale happen. I recommended Ashley with my highest trust and without reservation.

5 dzikothunde1

She’s was nice and informative in her approach. A warm personality that makes the whole showing a great experience with her. She still helps me with a lot of real estate questions I have for different areas like Shippensburg, PA ; Waynesboro, PA; Hagerstown MD.

5 chrisjordan90

Ashley is my realtor for life. She went above and beyond on my first purchase two years ago and is already proving her dedication on my second. It was quite the journey finding our first home and Ashley never lost momentum the entire way. From visiting list 5 houses long in one day to a showing clear until dark. She braved some crazy houses that i insisted on seeing and battled negotiations with a few seriously greedy listers. I have and will continue to recommend Ashely to anyone I hear talking about buying or selling, and I will always consider her a friend for all she has done for me and my family.

5 larisaa sigel

For a first time home buyer Ashley was perfect. She took the time to help make sure I was getting what I wanted. She recommends other great partners like lending and title company to get through the entire process. No mater how silly I felt the question Ashely was also quick to respond and never made me feel silly for asking.

5 modhal

Ashley is prompt, professional, and persevasive in getting our property leased. We had property for sale and leased. She aggressively marketed our property and got the results.

5 krista clower

Ashley Teixeira is awesome! A woman of her word and willing to work with you and does everything she can to make things right. Very on top of everything and a fun, kind hearted person! I would recommend her to anyone and everyone.

5 user228647

Ashley represented a buyer when I was selling my home without a real estate broker. She worked very hard to get the best result and was never unprofessional. She assisted me with the paperwork involved and sold my house. Because of her professional work ethic and friendly disposition, we chose her to represent us in buying another home. She answered all questions I had about immediately and was available to speak anytime I needed to. Thanks Ashley!

5 ejmmam

Ashley was always prompt to return calls and emails from us. Whenever we asked for information, she would research immediately to find answers. We never felt rushed when she was showing us properties; she was happy to stay with us for as long as it took us to thoroughly explore the houses and yards. Ashley was consistently respectful and friendly in all of her interactions with us and other professionals, such as home inspectors. Ashley paid close attention to our likes and dislikes at the various properties, and she kept notes in order to improve her ability to help us find a property which was satisfactory. She recommended a mortgage loan officer and a closing company which provided competent and friendly services, so that our home-buying experience was pleasant from start to finish.

5 jkleinterpfan

Ashley did a wonderful job helping me sell my house. I began the process with a previous realtor that said the house should sell in a month or two. I had slow response time from the first realtor and they complained a good bit along the way. The first realtor wanted me to make upgrades, paint and slowed the process. After 6 full months I began to research a new realtor, and luckily, I found Ashley Teixeira! Not only was she “on the ball” she helped move the property within 2 months. I wish I would have started with Ashley, the decision would have saved me a great deal of frustration and I’m certain I would have made more money.

5 user1902423

We were first-time home buyers and had very little experience with Realtors. The little experience that we did have was negative experience as we were blown off many times by other realtor is. Maybe they thought that the price point that we were looking into was not enough of a commission for work for them. Plus we were also VA loan status individuals. Ashley, was a VA loan Specialist or relocation specialist, and was very knowledgeable in the area. She took online our needs as if we were the higher priority. And we had a situation with the house that we purchased and she really went to bat for us. She went above and beyond what most realtors in my opinion would do.

5 schroyerhollie

Having Ashley Teixeira as my realtor as been a great experience! She was always on top of things and got things going fast. She provides you with a lot of information and let’s you know her experienced opinions. Ashley also has a great personality. I felt very comfortable and I could ask her anything! -Buyer Hollie Schroyer

5 HapShipley

I cannot write the proper amount of words to convey, to express appreciation, of one so willing to work with others, and in an environment which by its very nature could drive very high emotions to a breaking point. Yet Ashley manages to still keep a level head as well as her clients minds at ease. This attitude above all, can’t be taught; this personality only comes from a special person with the driving needs to be helpful, caring and thoughtful for her fellow humans. Ashley will always be that special person one could never forget. Thank you, Hap

5 iacob greenwood1

Outstanding! Fantastic! Other superlative adjectives! Ashley worked with us through correspondence before we ever set foot in PA. Then blocked off whole days to get us in 20+ houses/day when we had 2 days to find a home. If the military is PCSing you in/out of the area this is your buying/selling agent!

5 user5260739

Ashley went the extra mile many times over during our search process. In a three month period she took us through over 75 homes, and was still smiling by the end. She was very knowledgeable of every step and walked us right through everything. She truly was our home hero and a strong negotiator. Should we ever need real estate expertise again, Ashley would, no doubt, be our 1st choice over and over again! She has the greatest bubbly personality and made the entire process more fun than I could have imagined! She has the kind of energy and enthusiasm that you can’t ignore.

5 user09271306

Ashley was absolutely phenomenal. She helped me find my home in 2014, and will be helping me find my next home, hopefully this year! Ashley was there every step of the way, and made it possible for me to purchase my very own home when at times I wasn’t sure it was possible! Thank you for all you and your team did to make it happen!

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